Harbor Heritage Story Telling project results

The project will make it possible to produce 4 reference tools for the enhancement of the heritage of port cities:

A Methodological Guide for the co-creation of Port Heritage Discovery Routes:

this guide aims to provide a framework for setting up training courses and new tourist discovery routes based on the new skills developed in the project. This participatory process is based on citizen co-creation workshops and local participatory animation, supported in particular by tourist guides, tourist offices or any local resource person involved in the tourist development of the territory.

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A Harbor Heritage Story Telling" Training Reference:

this production aims to identify the skills necessary for the establishment of new processes of appropriation / tourism development of port heritage, and to develop training modules associated with these skills

A resource center and an online learning space "Harbor Heritage Story Telling":

this space contributes to the promotion of the project and its achievements in an interactive form; it highlights the training content intended for trainers in tourism, tourist guides and citizen associations focused on the enhancement of heritage, by associating activities and tutorials with each of the content developed; it capitalizes on European experiences in terms of heritage development and cultural citizenship, capable of constituting reference practices and additional illustrations for learners.

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A catalog of 4 tourist discovery routes "Harbor Heritage Story Telling":

which will result from the implementation on a pilot scale of consultation methods (Heritage Workshop methods - APP) and training tools based on a target audience of local actors in the 4 partner cities and will be a direct illustration of the targeted participatory approach. This catalog maps and details the proposed routes and identifies the contribution of new resource persons trained within the framework of the HSST methodology. It is developed interactively in the resource center, with audio and video testimonials from "HSST" "speakers trained and immersed in the project.